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Some of the Playshops we offer:


"Getting 1200 people out into woods and back again - with smiles on their faces the whole time - is no small feat. I talked to literally hundreds of people over the last couple days, and all of them were blown away by the experience. On behalf of everyone at Samsara, THANK YOU!" - EVP, Marketing 

"This was one of the best off-sites I have experienced so far at Google. I feel like I really had an opportunity to connect with teammates that I have not been able to connect with in the past."

Custom Camps team did an amazing job putting together our overnight work retreat in the redwoods. We are very glad we went with them, as they were tasked with organizing our event for almost 300 people in a short amount of time. What makes them unique is that they are full-service and will make your job so much easier.

They did everything including finding a great location, organizing many fun activities, and working with us every step to ensure a smooth and well-coordinated event. Custom Camps helped deliver on building great team camaraderie, providing many memorable experiences, and creating an overall fun time that left everyone energized and refreshed. They went above and beyond our expectations and we'd definitely use them again!

- Jason Chan, Google

"This was such an amazing experience, and I feel so grateful to have gotten to be a part of it. The agenda was so well thought out, and it was the perfect way to kick back and relax a little bit from our busy schedules. "

"I hope we can do this every year! This should be an annual trip!"


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