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Brady Gill
Camp Director

After being a camper for most of his childhood, Brady began working professionally in summer camps and retreats in 2001 and has never stopped.  Starting with children’s summer camps, Brady moved up the ranks to Camp Director at both Camp Tawonga and Camp Galileo, two prestigious Bay Area summer camps.

After years of bringing connection, play, and joy to kids Brady worked with his friends to create Camp Grounded, one of the nation’s first summer camps for grown ups. Brady spent 5 years as one of the co-leaders, training staff and developing programming which combines the playfulness of childhood with the growing complexity of how to be a happy and fulfilled adult. This movement of connection is essential in our modern times, where digital communication is quickly replacing human contact and our lives are more and more defined by what we do, rather than who we are.

Brady is elated to have the opportunity to bring his 20+ years of summer camp experience to Custom Camps. As Camp Director, he has a knack for getting people on board.  Camp is a wild ride and Brady’s constant enthusiasm keeps everyone engaged and connected from beginning to end.


Ben Hanna

Starting in high school Ben began taking classes of 5th and 6th graders (and their parents) on staffed and instructor led three day rock climbing campouts in the Tennessee crags. He later became a sea kayak guide on the South Carolina coast, guiding small groups deep into the salt marshes to view wildlife.

Ben went on to spend five years helping CouchSurfing.org grow to over seven million users, raise $25 million in funding over two rounds, and relocate to San Francisco.

He since has run an online auction platform and escrow house where he has overseen hundreds of millions in auction revenue, and over $1B in escrow management.

Ben was also on the founding team for Camp Grounded, and ran production for camps on both coasts.

Ben is excited to be able to continue his tradition of spending summers at camp.


Emma Toll
Event Producer

Emma began her camp career as an 8 year old CIT at the Riding Club day camp in Wilton, Connecticut. Despite the name she did not spend a lot of time riding horses. She advanced to teaching dance camps in high school to the local youth. Emma graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in 2012 with a focus on production design and temporarily abandoned camp life for a career in film and television.

A brief foray into the professional cinematic world taught Emma that life was better at camp. She was invited to join Camp Grounded as a production team member and left film and television behind.

Emma spent a few years working for Milkwood Designs transferring her organizational skills from camp decor to office design. During the pandemic while everyone was staying home she began working as compliance coordinator for local Santa Barbara winery Sanguis. She can now talk about both Rhone varietals and room design.

She currently contributes to the Custom Camps team as an event producer as well as keeps a toe in office interior design and wine work. Staying true to her original camp roots you can usually find her as the last one on the silent disco dance floor. Ask her to teach you some moves, but don’t ask her to get on a horse.

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