Featured Performers

Live music is a big part of camp. We bring in incredible acts to play in the woods and give you a one-of-a-kind treat. You could go to the Independant or the Fillmore, or you can hear them at your own private show under the trees.

Musicians lead workshops, teach their art, and play each night.


Rainbow Girls

Rainbow Girls has emerged as a much-loved live act both abroad and on their California home turf. They spent their first 5 years touring and busking around Europe and the US as a rock n' roll band, and in 2017 embarked on a stripped down House Concert Tour Across America. The recently released album "American Dream," highlights their rich harmonies, ageless songwriting, and soulful, bluesy sound at its rawest form. They have been described as "a gang of sweet angels, punching you in the heart."


John Cragie

Renowned for his eloquent Americana style, engaging live shows, and off-the-cuff clever observations, John Craigie carries on the legacy of classic singer-songwriters, while blazing a trail of his own.  Fondly dubbed “the lovechild of John Prine and Mitch Hedberg,” John Cragie is fresh off his tour with legendary Jack Johnson. His fifth full-length album, No Rain, No Rose boasted two collaborations with Gregory Alan Isakov, namely “Highway Blood” and “I Am California.”

When Craigie plays, it’s one of those special shows that can make you laugh and cry in the same song. It’s a musical journey that can’t be denied.



Speakeasē, started by Adrienne Wickham-Gobert & Daniel Erik, began on a small stage in a Redwood forest up in Mendocino county. Shortly after kindling their musical spirits, Adrienne and Daniel grew the group into a 5-piece neo-soul, funk ensemble. They blend soul, funk, rock, blues, and folk into a curated hot plate of musical vibrations that will be sure to move your soul and leave you dancing.



Lush instrumentation combined with front man Graham Patzner's profound lyricism and unflinching delivery culminate in a sound that is soulful, mythical, and raw. Whiskerman's passionate live shows seamlessly cascade through realms of classic rock, bluesy devotion, psychedelic melancholy, and twangy celebration. Whether entranced in a ballad or clawing out some frenzied rock and roll, Whiskerman is seeking the heart of the matter.

"When they're revved up, Whiskerman sounds like a gospel and soul band that can make you feel like raising your hands in the air in praise of its talent. In their quieter songs, there's a storytelling vibe with intricate melodies." --SF Chronicle

Chelsea Coleman

Chelsea Coleman

Oklahoma grown singing-songwriting powerhouse, Chelsea Coleman, creates sanctuaries out of songs, wherein her audience is moved, humbled, and exalted. A courageous and vulnerable storyteller, she invites you to endure open heart surgery, skillfully mending your heartache with strands of golden thread. Each listener leaves more integrally woven in to the tapestry of humanity.

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