Offsite Days and Picnics

Treat your team to a day off and refresh them with competitive games, creative playshops, and great food!

How it works

You let us know when you want to hold your event, and we take it from there. We secure the venue, plan and staff the programming, and prepare the food.

When your team arrives, we will greet them with refreshments and activities as they settle in. Then we will give a team orientation with icebreaker games before jumping into our programming. We like to start the day with Color Olympics, break for lunch, and wrap up with a few hours of creative Playshops before people head back home. We can end with a Happy Hour if you want it!

Color Olympics

We will split your group up into different color teams, and provide headbands for everyone. Then the teams start with a  polaroid photo scavenger hunt then decide who will do the different challenges in the minute-to-win-it challenge relay race.

We wrap up with a final absurdities contest where each team elects a tribute to go on stage and compete for ultimate glory.

Creative Playshops

Our playshops are led by instructors who make sure your team has a great time. These sessions are small group activities that facilitate team bonding over shared novel experiences. The team can move to many different playshops throughout the event, or they can do a deep dive into one that holds their interest. From Coffee Roasting to Ax Throwing, we have something for everyone. 

Great Food

Our events always come with excellent food. We have an in house caterer and work with the best local companies to make sure that your team leaves feeling well cared for. We will collaborate with you on the menu, and can handle any dietary preferences your team may have. 

Color Olympics

Polaroid Camera Scavenger Hunt.
Ridiculous Relay Race.
Absurd Final Competitions.

Welcome to the Color Olympics!

Color Olympics is a competitive team based event, full of fun challenges, wild activities, and unlimited hilarity.


Playshops are small group activities that foster team connections and collaboration. They create opportunities for your team to try something new and bond over shared experiences.

We offer a wide selection of playshops for every event and will work with you to choose the ones that work best for your team.

Take a look at some of our favorite Playshops!

Nature Walk

Take an easy hike led by a guide and learn about the local area, flora, and fauna!

Coffee Roasting

Learn how coffee goes from plant to table, what happens to coffee when it’s roasted and how easy it is to roast your own. Go home with some fresh roasted coffee to try in the morning!


Learn how to pickle vegetables, peppers and more. It’s easier than you think!

Sound Bath

Let sound envelop you as you dive deeper into yourself. Enter into the world of vibration, sensation, and experience while bypassing the intellectual mind.

Stilt Walking

How’s the view up there? Learn to walk on stilts and get some perspective.

String Art

Make intricate patterns on wood with colorful string and nails.

We love the teams we work with!


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