Virtual Recess

Virtual Recess is a fun virtual team building experience for groups of up to 300 people. Take a moment to play, relax, and stay connected in these unprecedented times. Built for groups working remotely, Virtual Recess fosters creativity and interactive communication.

Virtual Recess offers an hour where players will work together on group challenges and individual achievements, blending their real and digital environments to create a brand new experience.

Up to 100 players at a time

Join from any device

Up to 300 players at a time

Real team interaction

Clearly you guys have nailed the remote experience.


This activity was great. Awesome way to lighten the mood given the current situation.


I was very impressed with how smoothly all of the activities went!


It was a great way to virtually connect/get to know one another. I thought the facilitator did a good job of keeping everyone engaged and managing a group of people who were new to [the platform] (myself included) 🙂


We love the teams we work with!


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